You can configure it yourself!

Externable is non-technical-user friendly. With its intuitive wizards and drag & drop interfaces you can create rich forms, tables and views presenting data from Dynamics - all that without any line of code!

It can go as custom as you like

If you want to go geeky, you can customize all .NET Razor views, CSS scripts, add custom JavaScript functions and C# scripts. It's not required, but it is possible for those who like or need custom solutions.

Impress your customers

We're all bored with outdated portals. Users look for the fresh and attractive design. Externable gives you modern and smooth experience with the lightweight admin panel that your users will love!

Supports all branding you can imagine

Externable not only allows you to change domain to custom or add your logo to the page - you can use completely custom layout in the whole website. Do you already have your corporate identification standards? Not a problem, use your own template with Externable! It supports all C# Razor/HTML/CSS customizations you need.

Low learning curve

That is what your back-office users will appreciate. It requires minimal to none experience to start modifying your portal pages. You don't need extensive trainings to empower your team to build engaging website content! 

Great documentation with videos

If you want to dig deeper, check our documentation - each bit of functionality is described and recorded as a video to make your work easy.

Externable is fixed price

We all know how unpredictable the web traffic can be. Externable operates under fixed fee subscriptions. You pay upfront and you know what it will cost you in the end. Select the performance plan that suits your need, but don't be limited by imposed limits.
We don't charge extra for views or logins, you get unlimited number of both internal and external users. You can scale your website without spending fortune!

Proven and stable technology

Since we've started developing the first version of Externable we are committed to making it the best solution in the market. Externable relies on stable and recognized Umbraco framework (developed since 2003). We made sure it follows Microsoft Best Practices for Dynamics data consumption. All portals are hosted securely in Microsoft Azure cloud.

We support your implementations

Each customer and each implementation is equally important to us. We know that you may have questions or will need advise. It's our priority to help you deliver website your users will love. Book a call with us to find out how we can help you adopting the product.

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