Get your Dynamics portal up and running - instantly

Externable makes portals for Dynamics/Dataverse intuitive and codeless. With its easy interface you can drag and drop content, allow people to sign in with no limits, expose data from your Dynamics, build forms which upload data straight to Dynamics 365 and way more! Learn More

We've made portals configuration more fun and less technical.

Gone are days when spinning up a portal required long development hours. Easy portal scenarios deserve easy configuration. With Externable, you get cloud portal with predefined templates. It supports unlimited user logins, invoices and orders preview, cases and lead capture - straight to Dynamics. If you need more, you can customize layout, change CSS, add JavaScript, write C# logic and more - all of its included in the fixed fee. No surprises - you always know what you pay - all upfront.

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Dynamics integrated CMS

Externable is a proper CMS, which uses stable and industry leading frameworks i.e. ASP.NET, Umbraco and VUE.JS. It natively integrates with Dynamics to get and push data. It also supports Data Export Service to minimize Dynamics API load. You can add unlimited number of external backoffice users - none of them need Dynamics license to publish content to your website! You can use features typical to other CMSs like scheduling content, previewing changes before publishing or keeping track of content changes. For more details see our extensive Documentation

Capture data

Externable gives you drag and drop experience to create Dynamics integrated forms. By default you get lead and case collection forms, but nothing stops you from creating your own forms. You want to capture Purchase Orders from your partners? With few clicks it will be live. It works with custom tables/entities too.

Build your IP on Externable

Do you want to open your Dynamics based IP to the public portal? Externable allows you to build custom portal features and distribute them to your customers' Dynamics instances.


Extendable has been founded after years of being in Dynamics and web business. We know Dynamics inside out. We can help you adapting Externable, integrate it with other software and many more.